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Be sure to check out for more info on the nature of ADHD!

Please understand: The existence of ADHD as a concrete and specific disorder, like dyslexia or tourettes syndrome, is not open for dispute here.

Most people with ADHD are deceptively smart and high-functioning, and this is how i have been described. As the adhd site says, one of the most irritating things about people with ADHD is that they often seem to be able to pay attention to things they're interested in, making them seem somewhat lazy. This is simply an aspect of the disorder that people with ADHD have little or no control over.

As a result, I quickly lose interest in jobs or tasks that involve repetative actions or that do not allow for self-expression. For instance, I would be very unlikely to keep and enjoy a job with a narrow job description at a large, impersonal company. However, when working at a chaotic small business or start-up, I quickly make myself an indespensible part of the team.Typically I WILL work my personality into my job no matter in point:

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|> Subject: request for a new mouse
|> May I have one of those nice mouses that have a trackball or
|> something
|> similarly ergonomically inclined?
|> thx, marxx
From: Allen Williams []
Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2000 5:43 PM
To: Marxx Xxxxs Cc:
Subject: done RE: request for a new mouse
the answer is NO, and simply because the plural of _mouse_ is _mice_!

actually i'm lying, twice. since this _mouse_ describes a different type of object, its plural is different. and, im on my way over with a trackball right now. -allen

The disorganizd patterns of my brain also show in how i use a computer. typically i cannot pay attention to only one task, so there end up being so many windows open that the taskbar looks like a list of symbols. as I type this, there are 32 windows open on my computer. when the taskbar starts to scroll (a feature no doubt most people do not know windows has), i start closing windows! "please excuse my unfortunate brain chemistry," i once told my best friend Seth and he so appreciated and accepted the concept that it became the name of his debut album! check it out...

Anyway, the point of this page is to let my new friends know what they're getting into...and to apologize for the trouble in advance! As individuals who meet me, you may experience a little more chaos in the environment, so please beware. It's not too crazy but you'll be able to tell early in your relationship with me that there are things different about me than most people you know.

These things may show up when I'm 15 minutes late to meet you somewhere..or when I forget clean up the bathroom completely after having a shower...or when I lose my wallet or keys (which is very rare, since they are now chained to me by my wallet-and-chain).

Hopefully these differences between me and others either interest you or don't bother you. Otherwise, as much as it pains me to say it, it would probably be in both of our best interests for you to browse someone else. This is who I am, and regardless of my will in the matter, it is pointless to think that I will become otherwise in your presence. If you can't handle it, then peace be with you!!

also, heres a related page on the site of my new friend Zkboi.